I'm Johnathan Kulow.

And I'm your friendly neighborhood I.T. guy.
It is my goal to help people and make them feel comfortable. Nobody should be scared to ask for help when they need it because, let's face it, without technology problems I would be unemployed.

Johnathan Kulow

I fix things.

My primary task as an I.T. professional is fixing technology when it fails you, but it doesn't stop there. As my recommendations will show, my goals are to put an end to I.T. horror stories and be proactive in supporting the customer's needs.


I try and make you feel comfortable coming to me with your I.T. related issues, no matter how big or small.


I do what is needed regardless of my stated roles and if I can't help, I will find the person who can.


I strive for complete trust and to eliminate the negative perception I.T. departments can have.

Awesome work makes happy customers and coworkers.

This is a brief look at the areas I specialize in.
For a broader view of my work history and technical expertise please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Windows Server

Able to manage and administer Active Directory and Exchange along with other Windows Server technologies.

Desktop Support

CompTIA A+ certified to build, maintain, and upgrade computers regardless of platform operating system.

Mobile Devices

I am a champion of Android but have experience with other mobile platforms such as Blackberry and iOS.


Installing and maintaining network hardware and infrastructure including VPN troubleshooting and wireless support.

Phone Systems

I possess extensive knowledge of business VoIP and digital telecom systems and their configuration and management.

Inventory Tracking

Tracking and maintaining inventory of assets as well as tracking and documenting support ticket resolutions.

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I love meeting and talking to new people so please take a second to connect with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

I also have a side project called ATX FoodGuy on Instagram, check it out!